NEW! Version 4 Update
Important! You will need to update and export your databases with a new 4.x version of 10Muse Manager. Instructions below.
- Added Actors popover with the ability to search both Movies and TV-Shows.
- Added Search option also for TV-Shows.
- Added Spoken Language field with the corresponding filter.
- Added Budget field in Movies with the corresponding sorting option.
- Various user interface improvements.
How to Update
Existing users from 3.x versions will need to update their databases:
- Movies: Select all entries and in the context menu select Advanced... \ Update Actors, Reviews & Ratings.
- TV-Shows: Select all entries and in the context menu select Update. Then select all entries again and in the context menu select Scan Servers.
TV-Shows now use TMDB to gather info and episode images and for banners. You can still add your preffered banners and episode images from thetvdb by copying them from the website and pasting them into the corresponding fields of 10Muse Manager. Quick links for the tvdb site are on each general Show page, as well as on each episode page.
Movies & TV-Shows
The cinematic collection in a state-of-the-art presentation. Feature rich, and yet easy to use for the whole family.
Fast and Easy Navigation
With various filters and sorting options and a fast, responsive user interface, they make navigation into the media collection a joyful experience – even for thousands of movies or shows.
All Automatic
'Library Manager' scans your shared folders and identifies your movies. It then automatically downloads movies information, images, ratings and reviews from various internet sources.
Completely Editable
Every bit of information about your movies can be edited to your liking. You can add you own images or cover scans and choose your preferred cover or fanart that will be exported to the iPad. You can even add media that are not included on the on-line databases, like your sport recordings or self-made videos.
Reviews & Ratings
Reviews & Ratings bring your movies collections to life! IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are not only displayed but also used with various filters and sorting options. Review summaries can appear as a cinematic show on the movies cover or fanart!
In-app Remote Control
You can hide all your media players remote controls, since 10Muse's in-movie control includes all important commands like position skip, audio-subtitle change or menu navigation controls.
TV-Shows Jukebox
Your TV-Shows collection gets their own optimized jukebox. All images, info, actors lists with photos as well as full information and screenshots for every single episode get downloaded from the internet with a single button click. Even kids and guests will be able to easily find their favorite episode, no matter how big your collection is!
You can add a trailer for every movie, either in its own folder or inside the movie's shared folder with one of the predefined suffixes. An automatic download option is also offered. The iPad application offers the choice to initiate playback for either the main movie or the trailer.
Hardware Support
The 10Muse Movies & TV-Shows Jukeboxes support the Kodi, Dune HD and Egreat media players, as well as the MPC-HC Windows software player.
iOS App Download
The 10Muse Jukeboxes app is available for free in the Apple App Store.
10Muse Manager
10Muse Manager runs in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.
It comes as a single .exe file that you can directly run (inside it's own folder).
No setup is required.
To update to a newer version and keep your existing library and settings, just replace the .exe file.
10Muse Manager 4.4.4
Quick Start Guide
Movies & TV-Shows